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   Centre Branch's Volunteer Team
   Main Library's Volunteer Program

The Center Branch Volunteer Team

Interested in earning service hours?
The Centre Branch Volunteer Program is the place to be.

Benefits of Volunteering
This is a new and fun way to fulfill graduation required service hours, build your resume, or round out your college applications. There is also an opportunity to develop leadership skills and network with many organizations in our area. Volunteering benefits you and your community.

Learn while creating
Here at the Centre Branch, we emphasis learning through practical activities. Teens will get hands-on experience in utilizing computers and other technologies. With a focus in having fun and being creative, our volunteers learn skills that will be useful in school and later on in the workplace.

The Centre Branch located in the Centre at Salisbury. This program is available for ages 13—17. There is no minimum amount of time required.


Main Library's Volunteer Program

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As a Teen Volunteer you can earn your service hours needed for high school graduation and gain valuable work experience.

Teen Volunteers can work two 2 hour shifts per week. Some of the activities you will be helping with are monitoring the Game Room (Wii and PlayStation 2 games), signing kids up for our Summer Reading Program, and assisting with Children’s Programs. We are also looking for Teen Volunteer Specialists with experience in gaming, computers and robotics.

The Teen Volunteer program is open to ages 13- 18.

Download our digital application. Signatures are required.

Teen Application





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